Applications & Products

Laser micromachining

Nanosecond 532 nm green laser sources developed for efficient cutting of natural and synthetic diamonds.


Compact laser sources for conventional and handheld LIBS analyzers and spectroscopy.

Laser range finding

Compact DPSS „eye-safe“ nanosecond lasers for range finding & security applications.

Life sciences & Metrology

DPSS Continuous wave (CW) 1,5 um and dual-wavelength “eye-safe” erbium laser sources.

About us

The Photonics solutions company that designs, develops and commercializes custom Photonics products and develops technologies for aerospace, security, vision, free-space communication and material processing.

Technologies & Innovation

Optogama R&D team having more than 10 years of experience in research, development, prototyping and production of laser related components, optomechanical assemblies, lasers and laser systems offer innovative solutions and products for industrial, security and scientific sectors.

Combining the company’s internal skills and expertise with worldwide partners technologies and knowledge Optogama is able to offer its unique products. Our knowledge in laser related optical components, systems and lasers in UV, VIS and IR spectral range is allowing our customers to benefit from quality products and services.

Furthermore, partnership with scientific market and custom development contracts are essential sources of inspiration and implementation of innovations and technological advances.

News & Events

Optogama develops technologies

Laser sources and related products for aerospace, security, medical and material processing applications.