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Technical and engineering team at Optogama have an expertise required to develop, design, experimentally test and produce custom designed laser solutions to meet your unique requirements as well as fulfilling the need for stringent OEM applications.

Optogama’s engineering teams can also modify or upgrade standard comercial or scientific lasers to meet specific customer requirements and environmental constraints.

Our Technical and engineering team knowledge based on flash lamp pumped and DPSS laser design and assembling, including both – active and passive Q-switching options. Experience working with Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Nd:YVO, Ti:Sapphire and other laser materials allows us to design and test your laser prototypes within short time.

Optogama offers variety of solutions:

  • from simple modifications to the design of specific and innovative prototype
  • customer visits to assess the requested project and consultations with teams from R&D, including mechanical and optical design groups
  • customization and special engineering services available on request.