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Manual 4 axis translation stage
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Manual 4 axis translation stage

Main features


  • Sapphire contact pads
  • Platform’s locking mechanism
  • Industrial design
  • 4 axis fine adjustment
  • Maximum load up to 1.5 kg
  • Can be fixed on both Metric and Imperial optical breadboards and tables

    Application examples


  • Motorized beam expander MEX fine adjustment
  • Precise orienting of optical components and other laser accessories
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    MSTAGE is an industrial mounting solution for MEX compact series beam expanders. This 4-axis manual translation stage contains locking mechanism preserving aligned position. It has sapphire contact pads determing long-lasting and smooth microscrew operation.

    There are four M6x0.25 microscrews for adjusting platform’s pitch, yaw, Y and Z axis. Two microscrews control platform’s pitch and Z axis, while another two control yaw and Y axis. All of them can be adjusted with 2 mm HEX screwdriver.

    What’s in the box?


  • Manual translation stage
  • 3 x M4x0.7 10mm long screws for MEX mounting

    Manual 4 axis translation stage specifications
    Travel range Y axis 8 mm (±4 mm)
    Z axis 4 mm (±2 mm)
    Yaw ±5.5 deg
    Pitch ±2.5 deg
    Resolution Y axis 250 μm/rev
    Z axis 175 μm/rev
    Yaw 0,175 deg/rev, 3,05 mrad/rev
    Pitch 0.117 deg/rev, 2,04 mrad/rev
    Maximum load Mounted horizontally 1.5 kg
    Mounted vertically 0.5 kg
    HEX Screwdriver Adjustment microscrew 2 mm HEX
    Microscrew lock 1.5 mm HEX
    Dimensions W x H x L 75 x 28 x 100 mm
    Deck height 27 mm (±2 mm travel)
    Weight 500 g
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    Dimensions (H x W x L) Deck height Travel range (Y axis) Travel range (Z axis) Travel range (Yaw) Travel range (Pitch) Maximum load (Mounted horizontally) Maximum load (Mounted vertically) SKU price Downloads quantity
    75 x 28 x 100 mm
    27 mm (±2 mm travel)
    8 mm (±4 mm)
    4 mm (±2 mm)
    ±5.5 deg
    ±2.5 deg
    1.5 kg
    0.6 kg
    580 €