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Optogama, established in 2015, is a high-tech company that designs, develops and commercializes custom and unique laser products. We develop technologies for analytical and spectroscopy instrumentation, automotive, sensing, medical, and material processing laser applications.

Our journey over time

Optogama main capabilities and specialties

  • Clean room environment, optical design, mechanical design, in-house CNC machining
  • High-quality innovative products and solutions dedicated to individual applications
  • Production of "eye-safe" 1,54 µm, Nd:YAG passively q-switched DPSS lasers 
  • Production of compact laser beam delivery systems, laser beam expanders, reducers, divergence compensators and laser power attenuators 
  • Production of laser related components for UV, VIS and NIR applications
  • Production of variety of laser accessories that can help to visualize guide, and monitor near-infrared (NIR) and ultraviolet (UV) laser beams, parasitic reflections, or losses in the fibers 

Why you should choose us

  • We have over 15 years of experience in the laser and photonics industry
  • >90% of our staff has a technical background in Laser Physics
  • Our strength is custom laser products design and production
  • Highly efficient communication and short lead time even for custom production
  • Assurance of standardized production and quality
  • Guaranteed superior price-performance ratio
  • Competitively high-performance products for your needs

Optogama members are looking forward to co-operating with you and implement your ideas and projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your need.

Optogama is a member of: