The aim of the "Enhanced laser shock peening with ultrafast lasers - LAPE" project is to develop an innovative ultra-fast laser shock peening (ULSP) technology and system based on high-energy ultra-fast lasers emitting at 1 μm, for efficient processing of complex 3D laser additive manufactured components and thin metal sheets. 

The total cost for all the participants is 1 273 216 €. Optogamos part in the project is 249 960 € from which the 129 992 € part is for financing.  

The project started in August 2021 and the duration is 36 months.

The project is funded by Eureka under the Eurostars program.

ULSP technology is dedicated to enforce mechanical properties (density, hardness, fatigue life) & reliability of complex lightweight parts, dedicated to address the growing demand of target markets:
  • Automotive
  • Metal tools
  • Energy engineering
  • Medical