"RANGER" lasers and distance measurement systems for the automotive industry

Optogama planed scientific research and experimental development project, intended to create and try two new RANGER products - low impulse energy and high repeatability frequency laser and eye-safe 1,54 µm wavelength compact LIDAR prototypes for autonomous driving systems. Today, automatized vehicle manufacturing is growing sharply and the need for advanced driver assistance systems is getting bigger too. The automotive industry is the main application area for devices under development.

Moreover, RANGER test products are intended for certification during the project and after the project, they will be commercialized and presented to the market. The market analysis had shown that there are no identical products to the ones being created. New RANGER products will allow the company to grow its sales, export volumes, therefore, the company added value will be created.

Funding Organisation: European Regional Development Fund

The project is established by EU measure: Experiment

Total Project Amount:  896.621,26 EUR

Allocated EU structural funds: 511.309,98 EUR

Project Duration: 2020-08-03 - 2023-04-30
Project Reference: esinvesticijos.lt

The person responsible for the project: 

Tadas Lipinskas

Optogama CEO

[email protected]

+370 6 158 9780

Two innovative products will be commercialized:
  • Laser RANGER 1.5 - Eye-safe, 1,54 µm wavelength, very high recurrence rate solid body (50-200kHz), low impulse energy (0,5-5 µJ) and extremely compact (small dimensions 15x15x20 mm) pulsed diode accumulating laser.
  • LIDAR RANGER SCOPE - Eye-safe, 1,54 µm wavelength and compact (small dimensions 100x150x50 mm), wherein is integrated low energy, repetitive frequency, compact laser source RANGER 1,5.