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Optogama has capabilities to grow various crystals

  • Ultrafast laser gain media (Yb:KGW, Yb:KYW, Ti:Sapphire, CaF2, Pr:YLF, Tm:YLF, Ho:YLF, Er:YLF) 
  • Passive Q-switch elements (crystalline or ceramic Co:Spinel, Cr:YAG, V:YAG)
  • Photorefractive crystals (BSO and BGO, SBN)

Available crystal growth techniques:

  • Stepanov
  • Modified Flux growth
  • Kyropoulos
  • Czochralski


  • Custom gain and dopping levels
  • Material characterization and processing
  • Production of final elements

Our capabilities does not end with the abovementioned crystals growth. We also are capable of design and development of custom laser gain and optical modules, state-of-the-art monolithic crystal assemblies and damaged crystals refurbishment service. This is realized together with scientific and industrial partners through numerous government, industry and internally funded R&D contracts.

For damaged crystals we provide cost-effective crystal refurbishment service, including repolishing, recoating, and characterization.

Repolishing of laser, nonlinear and photorefractive crystals:

  • Size up to 50mm
  • Surface quality up to 10-5 S-D
  • Surface flatness up to λ/10@632,8 nm (for 6x6 mm and smaller crystals)
  • Coatings on request
  • Fast delivery from 1 week
  • Repolishing & resizing
  • Recoating
  • Metrology and quality assurance