Optogama has capabilities to grow various crystals

  • Ultrafast laser gain media (Yb:KGW, Yb:KYW, Ti:Sapphire, CaF2), 
  • Passive Q-switch elements (crystalline or ceramic Co:Spinel, Cr:YAG)
  • Photorefractive crystals (BSO and BGO)

Our capabilities does not end with the abovementioned crystals growth. We also are capable of design and development of custom laser gain and optical modules, state-of-the-art monolithic crystal assemblies and damaged crystals refurbishment service. This is realized together with scientific and industrial partners through numerous government, industry and internally funded R&D contracts.

Available crystal growth techniques:
  • Stepanov
  • Modified Flux growth
  • Kyropoulos
  • Czochralski