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From simple lenses to complex assemblies

Optogama offer low- and high-power, diffraction-limited optical solutions, which are customized to meet customers specific needs. While developing systems we also consider integrating customers' mechanical and software interfaces.

Based on your requirements we offer:

  • Optical design and production of optical elements
  • Lens, objectives, beam expanders and collimatiors optical design
  • Beam delivery and light pass modules design
  • Laser gain modules and resonators optical design
  • Verification and optimisation services for your optical design
  • Optical material, gain media, optical coatings modeling, design and selection

  • Perseption of your application
  • Integrated optomechanical system and sequential refractive design
  • Gaussian beam propagation simulation according to given beam parameters
  • Design and manufacturing technologies according to specified requirements
  • Optics and coatings optimization for high damage threshold and high transmittance